Bright Smile Veneers Can I Use Every day?

Bright Smile Veneers Can I Use Every day?

If you are looking for the short answer, Then it is “yes”, You can definitely use Your Bright Smile Veneers Every day and night, There is no limitation or contraindication to wear your Snap on veneers every day

We would like to go through details about Our premiered Product Bright Smile Veneers and about how to use it and take good care of it;

Bright Smile Veneers which is also called Snap on veneers or Clip on veneers is the revolutionary Removable veneers which can give you a pretty , Bright , Straight and beautiful smile at your door steps with no need to visit dentists or dental office, You don’t need to drill your teeth or to put adhesives to keep your veneers sticking to your teeth like the other fixed dental veneers .

So what is the differencebetween traditional veneers and Bright Smile Veneers ?

Traditional Dental veneers -Which is totally different from Our Bright Smile Veneers – do need drilling and grinding to normal teeth as Traditional veneers need dental bonds that bonds smile veneers to your normal teeth , and it stays bonded forever .. It may sound like a good idea to have veneers totally bonded to your teeth for good, but in fact it may be the worst decision you can ever make to harm yourself and completely destroy your teeth.

When you bond dental veneers to your teeth you will have the worst and hardest cleaning issue for your normal teeth where can food accumulation happen between fixed veneers and your teeth which can hardly be cleaned leading to food remnants fermentation causing bad smell in your mouth.

On the other Hand with our Bright Smile Veneers is totally and extremely different, Bright Smile Veneers need no Drilling nor grinding to normal teeth, Your Normal precious enamel layer will not be touched, Bright Smile Veneers is removable so you can take off and put it on whenever you like so cleaning or brushing your teeth was never a problem with our Smile veneers , You can eat all kind of soft food using our bright and revolutionary Bright Smile Veneers after eating you can remove your removable veneers and brush your teeth removing all food remnants then put them again on your teeth.

bright smile veneers
Will my Bright Smile veneers ever fall out while I am talking or eating?

Never, this will never happen, so it may come to your head right away, why?

Simply because Bright Smile veneers is made from flexible material allowing it to flex widely with the highest point of your teeth then flex back to engage with teeth undercuts and that gives your Bright Smile veneers high retention forces that makes it impossible to fall from your teeth while eating or speaking

But to achieve that situation which was just explained in the above paragraph there should be at least 6 teeth in top and bottom , There can be no retention forces if you have no teeth.

Can I Sleep with my Bright Smile Veneers?

Theoretically speaking “yes” despite we never recommend you to sleep with your Bright Smile veneers, why is that? Simply because during sleeping most of us do make strong occlusion to their top and bottom jaws making extremely Powerful Occlusion forces that may lead to Bright Smile Veneers breakage , Bright Smile Veneers is not made to withstand such strong and powerful forces and unfortunately it will break if you wear it during sleeping.

How often can Bright Smile Veneers get broken?

Only when you eat with it all kind of foods, to increase the life span of your Bright Smile Veneers you should only use it in eating soft foods, Bright Smile veneers’ Thickness is 0.5mm which is very thin and can’t withstand strong mastication forces

How Bright Smile Veneers is made?

You have to order our impression kit using our website:

you will receive the impression kit after few days

then you have to follow up our tutorial impression taking video so you can take a perfect impression with the perfect and clear margin

then you will send us the impressions at our address at

1716 Briarcrest drive ,3rd floor
Bryan , Texas 77802

Bright Smile Veneers, LLC

Once we receive your impressions Bright Smile Veneers will start right away fabricating your veneers;

1.Scanning the  dental impressions taken by customers using our high tech 3D Scanner.
2. Designing of the customer’s models to restore and modify any imperfection to achieve perfect look Bright Smile Veneers.
3. Printing customer’s models using advanced 3D printer.
4. Thermoforming of Bright Smile Veneers sheets onto the 3D printed and modified models.
5. Finishing and polishing of the bright smile veneers fake teeth.

Can Bright Smile Veneers restore missing teeth?

Yes, It can restore easily missing teeth giving you the best natural look, Unifying you teeth shade, shape and giving your teeth homogenous Natural look

In matter of fact, Bright Smile Veneers is the easiest ways to replace missing teeth with no need to visit dentists or dental office, They can be used instead of Dental Bridge or dental implants or even removable dentures

You can have a bright smile with our Bright Smile Veneers

Bright Smile Veneers clip on veneers is the easiest options of restoring teeth options in the previous mentioned options , yet it cannot be used fully in eating options , Bright smile veneers snap on veneers can be used only in eating soft food like cake , ice-cream and fish also all kind of drinks are allowed with no problem at all.

Bright Smile Veneers LLC do recommend to make both top and bottom veneers due to color match between top and bottom
It will be clear to anyone that there is color difference between Top or bottom Snap on veneers and the normal teeth

Bright Smile Veneers save no time, Effort, experience nor money to provide the best Smile Veneers in Clip on veneers service to end up with Happy and satisfied customer with a Bright Smile.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using our mail

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