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When it comes to clip on veneers, the majority is looking for one that is fits perfectly, durable and moderate in cost wise. Our clip on smile veneers does not just fit this description but also offers more. Why do we say we are the number one in the USA?

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We will first of all talk about quality. With everything one seeks to purchase, he or she immediately checks for quality even before any other considerations , Quality that cannot be found by any other clip on veneers other than bright smile veneers. This is not to say that a customer is very curious on a product or likes to criticize a product’s quality, because everyone wants a value for his money. Therefore bright smile veneers take the pain of getting the best and most suitable materials in making its veneers.  Using 3D technology, we are able to produce veneers that are perfectly customized to give you a natural and best smile. These materials are certified, biocompatible, monomer free, and very hygienic. These qualities of our veneers make them last for several years if properly cared for.

Frequent teeth whitening have been a routine for some people in order to maintain the color of the teeth. This does not just result in wearing off of the teeth surface due to the application of abrasive chemicals but also so much money is being spent on each dental visit as well as stressful. With bright smile veneers which is also known as clip on veneers, you can say goodbye to all these problems because our veneers have color stability unlike others.  We offer two shades: normal white and super white, and both of them can be stable for several years without replacement and this is possible because of the  high quality of material we use in making our veneers. This makes you comfortable and confident all the time as it enhances your smile.

Do you feel stressed if you have to be going for dental visits just to get your clip on veneers fixed? If so, bright smile veneers is here to take away this stressful dental visits and make life easy for you. We offer all our services online in the comfort of your home.  By making every step super easy, we have made instruction videos on every procedure on how to start your journey to getting your veneers by allowing you do the impression taking of your teeth by yourself in the comfort of your home. Instead of  going through the stress of making dental visits as well as paying a lot for it, our instruction videos makes it very easy for your impression taking.


Have you ever experienced bad customer care in the past?  We all know how devastating it is trying to get a problem solved or trying to reach urgent information. One of the qualities of bright smile veneers is good customer servicing. This is a point lots of people ignore but to us, providing our customers with the best customer satisfaction has always been our priority. We are always available on our office times, giving quick responds to our calls, emails and chats, answering questions and solving problems to the best understanding of customers. By putting our customers first, we always give them the best of listening ears as well as friendly, polite responses.

Providing side benefits to our customers is one of our focuses as compared to others. Aside giving quality product, bright smile veneers also warranties it. We give 5 years warranty on color and a year warranty against fracture. Apart from the fact that we care so much about our customers, we also care about their pockets; therefore we offer our customers free delivery.

After having snap- on veneers, the next focus is how to maintain them. Some veneers needs frequent dental visits for cleaning and maintenance. With bright smile veneers you can take care of your veneers by yourself in the comfort of your home or anywhere you find yourself as we have made everything super easy and simple for you due to its flexibility. Included in our website is how to use and clean your veneers and other useful information in order to make your veneers durable. Therefore, we save you all the stress!

For the best veneers, look no other than bright smile veneers!

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