Will the veneers affect my speech?

Anything new takes time for adjustment; your new veneers will take a little time to get used to. This is because they will be a little thicker, longer and wider than your natural teeth  by only 0.5 mm. When veneers are first worn, the experience might give you a slight unnoticeable lisp that should go

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Can I change my shade after making my impressions ?

Bright smile veneers is custom made,It is made to be perfect snap fit for your teeth. We can not change the shade after the clip on veneers are made for you. So choosing the right shade for your press on veneers is very important. The normal white bright smile veneers is ideal if you’re looking

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What shades are available?

Not everyone’s smile is the same, and that goes for teeth colour too. Whether you would like a whiter smile for special occasions or are looking for clip-on veneers that will match your own teeth for a more subtle transformation, we have an brightsmile shade to suit you. Use our shade guide to help you

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What is the order process?

It’s easy and fast to get your brightsmile. Once you’ve hit the ‘Get Started’ button, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to make sure that you are suitable. This will only take a few minutes. If you’re suitable you’ll then be able to select your shade, choose how quickly you would like to receive

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What is the difference between the products?

We offer three different models of brightsmile. The Platinum brightsmile is recommended if you’re looking for clip-on veneers for frequent use. These are made from material with enhanced durability, meaning they can take more day-to-day oral stress, and come with the extended 12-month warranty, as well as your own personal smile consultant. A Platinum brightsmile

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What is my brightsmile made from?

All brightsmile veneers are made from high-quality, safe and certified materials, perfect for creating the best aesthetic cosmetic detail. The material has been successfully lab-tested for strength and colour stability by a leading university and all brightsmile are biocompatible and BPA and monomer free. The Platinum brightsmile has been designed from more durable material to

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