Clip On Veneers


HOW DO I CARE FOR MY CLIP ON VENEERS? It can be very stressful going for painful and costive dental visits just to maintain dental aligners such as braces, this is not the case with veneers. Caring for your Bright Smile Veneers is very easy as maintaining them does not require an entire regimen, and

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Bright Smile Veneers Can I Use Every day?

Bright Smile Veneers Can I Use Every day? If you are looking for the short answer, Then it is “yes”, You can definitely use Your Bright Smile Veneers Every day and night, There is no limitation or contraindication to wear your Snap on veneers every day We would like to go through details about Our

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Will the veneers affect my speech?

Anything new takes time for adjustment; your new veneers will take a little time to get used to. This is because they will be a little thicker, longer and wider than your natural teeth  by only 0.5 mm. When veneers are first worn, the experience might give you a slight unnoticeable lisp that should go

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What are your veneers made of?

Our Bright smile veneers are made from high-quality, safe and certified materials, lab tested by experts and leading universities for durability and color, they are biocompatible and BPA and monomer free, so you don’t have to worry about your health.

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What are your available shades?

We know every smile is unique, and for that we have customized two different bright smile shades for your preferred taste: Normal white for your everyday natural looking smile, and super white for that Hollywood perfect smile everyone dreams of.

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Can I eat with my veneers?

Yes you can eat with your Bright Smile veneers, although eating with the veneers in place will not feel quite as natural as with just your natural teeth, but again it’s something most people get used to after a short time. If you do choose to eat while wearing your veneers, we suggest you avoid

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