Clip On Veneers And The First experience of Bright smile veneers

clip on veneers

when any dental appliance is worn on our natural teeth, we should be expecting few changes that takes some time, these changes are normal due to the presence of foreign body in our mouth

Our mouth is a very sensitive part of our body and we should be ready that it will not accept our clip on veneers after the first minute we put it on

So what are the changes that will happen after putting on Clip on veneers?

1. Lisping with clip on veneers

clip on veneers
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the first change with wearing clip on veneers that you will feel is you cannot talk normally and that is because the points that the tongue uses to touch to pronounce the letters like “S” or “C’ or “Sh” are gone and changed by the clip on veneers resulting in new contact points for the tongue

The tongue will need to practice a bit so it can pronounce the new letters with the Clip on veneers.

2. Saliva droplets with clip on veneers
As a defensive mechanism in our mouth, when any foreign body goes into it, excessive salivation happens, and that what happens exactly with clip on veneers, our mouth translates the presence of clip on veneers as a foreign body resulting in more salivation than usual and that lead to some saliva droplets with first couple of times of using the clip on veneers

3.Saliva going between Clip on veneers and normal teeth ?

For the same previous reason , clip on veneers is translated as a foreign body where our mouth try defending against it by secreting excessive saliva and this saliva goes between the clip on veneers and the teeth
This happens in the first days of wearing the veneers , only then our salivary glands will not get notified of the presence of Clip on veneers after that and the body will get used it where everything will be normal after that

4.Feeling of clip on veneers over my teeth

Clip On Veneers
Smile With Bright Smile Clip on veneers

Yes , You will feel of the clip on veneers over your teeth, you will feel of something new , wearing clip on veneers is like wearing a new watch or eye lenses or wig You will feel every tooth of the clip on veneers , every margin , every angle and we must accept that it is totally normal. Our tongue acts as a radar and it will scan every part of your clip on veneers and it only happens for the first few days till the tongue accepts clip on veneers and get used it to it

5.Feeling my teeth got bigger with Clip on veneers

That is the point of using clip on veneers , and to make things clear we will first explain how normal veneers take place
If you decided to go for normal veneers you should go to dental office , where the dentist will remove part of your teeth so he can place the veneers with same size of normal teeth
And that doesn’t happen with Clip on veneers , what happens with clip on veneers is you just take impressions for yourself at home and you send us the impressions so we can send you back the clip on veneers which will make your teeth look bigger 0.5mm which is the thickness of the added layer of clip on veneers

Clip on veneers doesn’t remove part of your teeth , it adds part to your teeth , but remember it doesn’t make your teeth look ugly , cause he thickness of clip on veneers is only 0.5mm

6.Sudden change of teeth shape and color with Clip on veneers
Normally sudden changes are not accepted in the beginning , as we said before everything new , needs time till acceptance and same goes with clip on veneers
when you suddenly find your teeth look more straighter and more white with clip on veneers , sometimes you will need time to get used to your new teeth and new clip on veneers
How you look like with the new teeth will always be the question for you relatives and friends
“ how did you teeth shape and color changed so quickly “ , so you should be understanding that your friends and relatives ask you how did this change happen so quickly

Finally , Clip on veneers is a custom made product that have changed the lives of thousands in US , Amazing results were achieved and wonderful smiles were made

And the time came for you to have a new Bright smile veneers

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