How Clip on veneers are made?

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How Clip on veneers are made?

Bright Smile Veneers which are also called Clip on veneers or Snap on veneers or Removable veneers do pass by several steps till the end product is sent to our valued Customers

Bright Smile Veneers save no time , effort or money to send the customers a high end product perfect fit and well finished

clip on veneers

After the customer makes an order at Bright smile veneers and the kit is sent to him/her , He /she should take a very good impression for him/herself by following our how to take impressions video

Taking a good impressions for Clip on veneers is very critical in the  process of making Clip on veneers

After taking the impression , the customer should send us pictures of the impression to Bright Smile Veneers mail so we can accept the impressions after that the customer should send the impressions to our office address in Texas

1716 Briarcrest drive, Bryan ,Texas 77802
3rd floor , Suite 300

Once Clip on veneers Impression is at our office, it get processed to our laboratory where the impressions pass through several stages:

Clip on veneers impressions get scanned by a high tech 3D scanner that can record all the fine details of teeth anatomy, size and shape

The scanning steps allow our specialist to have a soft copy of the clip on veneers on our computer devices which can be processed which takes the fabrication steps to the next stage

Designing clip on veneers is very important in Clip on veneers making , we use the soft copy made from scanning customer’s impressions to start fixing missing teeth / crowded teeth etc..

Designing is mainly based on customer’s wishes, some customers need their teeth to look longer or very straight or same shape “No change “

Can someone wants no change in his /her teeth design ?

Well, yes, sometimes some customers do have good looking teeth shape but need only change in color which Clip on veneers do provide a very good results in color change for a lot of customers

In this case no designing will be done for Change in Clip on veneers shape, where Normal teeth shape and Clip on veneers shape will be the same


After Designing the new clip on veneers , 3D printing is done to make the modified soft copy of the designed clip on veneers into Hard copy so it can be processed in our lab

4. Light Curing and final modifications
3D printed models should be light cured so the material of the model is set and ready for the next thermoforming step for your clip on veneers

The final step for making your clip on veneers which is thermoforming of the sheets on the 3d printed and modified model to get the final form of clip on veneers

Finishing of clip on veneers sheets to fit perfect over your Teeth as it is designed to be user friendly over your teeth

All these steps take 7-10 Business day to make your Clip on veneers in a the most perfect and accurate manner , after these stages are finished Bright Smile Veneers send you your perfect fit Clip on veneers to your home or office address

Bright Smile Veneers will send you your tracking number for your Clip on veneers , will send you Daily updates for your Clip on veneers and will Notify you with the delivery day

It is totally customer’s responsibility to check his/her mail box to receive his /her Clip on veneers

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