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It can be very stressful going for painful and costive dental visits just to maintain dental aligners such as braces, this is not the case with veneers. Caring for your Bright Smile Veneers is very easy as maintaining them does not require an entire regimen, and if properly cared for, they will last for several years without replacing them.

CLEANING OF CLIP ON VEEERS: To Always keep your clip on veneers clean. You must care for your clip on veneers just as much as you care for your real teeth. Clean your Clip On Veneers with a SOFT toothbrush and a liquid hand soap with normal room temperature of water and dry them with soft tissues.

One may ask if a toothpaste can be used for the cleaning of Clip on veneers.
It is not advisable to use toothpaste as a cleaning agent as some of them may contain ingredients that are too abrasive on the clip on veneers which can eat away at your veneers‘ surface or loose the color.

Refrain from soaking your clip on veneers in mouthwash because some mouthwashes contain alcohol and excessive exposure to alcohol and can also make your clip on veneers more vulnerable to staining and deterioration. So it is totally advised to totally avoid soaking your clip on veneers in Mouthwashes

clip on veneers

EATING AND DRINKING WITH CLIP ON VENEERS: With your Clip on veneers, you can eat soft foods like cake and ice cream. Avoid biting into tough or hard foods like hard carrots, raw apples, hard chips, meat cuts that contain bones. Also refrain from using them on hard objects like opening bottles, such an activity is harmful not just for your clip on veneers but also for your teeth. Very hard objects such as metal caps and glass bottles can chip your clip on veneers. Also avoid the habit of chewing hard materials such as pens, pencils, nails, ice and bones.

You can drink with your clip on Veneers both cold and hot drinks but it is a good idea to limit drinks that are known to cause discoloration like coffee, red wine, dark sodas, tea. Consuming lots of alcoholic drinks should be avoided as it soften the Clip on veneers material making them less retentive to your teeth. While this does not mean the veneers will come loose, it will make the Clip on veneers more prone to damage, deterioration and stains. Smoking is another source of stains and therefore should be avoided.

USAGE OF CLIP ON VENEERS: Using your Clip on Veneers is very easy and simple. In order to make your Clip on veneers durable and safe, start clipping them on with a gently force first on your front teeth and then the back teeth. At removal, remove from your back teeth, then the front teeth. It is advisable to remove veneers before sleeping and keep them in its box and away from direct sunlight when not in use.

With Clip on Veneers which is also called removable veneers or snap on veneers, you can easily remove them in order to clean your original teeth, eat your hard foods and then clip them back on and have your perfect bright smile all the time.

If you followed the previous instructions then your clip on veneers can last for more than 5 years with no need to replace it or get new clip on veneers.

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