We Are Bright Smile Veneers

Using the best 3D technology to achieve the most comfortable experience ever, we specialize in Making Press on veneers , offering various forms of Clip on veneers and fixing misalignment, yellowing chipping of your teeth, with natural looking Snap on veneers,having the smile you always wanted is not impossible anymore and having your perfect clip on veneers has never been that easy, Bright smile veneers is the best ever Clip on veneers in US

Follow these easy steps to have a shining smile

We’re here to make clip on veneers easy, no worries or mismatch, the usual issue with veneers is long since gone with us! How you can get a long lasting, beautiful and natural smile is very simple. Here’s how we work and why we are the best at our field.

step 1

Select Your Payment Plan

Nothing is more important than your smile, which is why we’ve made paying for it very easy, with 2 different payment plans to pay for your veneers, between cash or a two months installment, you can choose whichever fits your budget.
Step 2

Choose your smile

We offer two different bright smile veneers shades to fit your needs: Super white and normal white, for that natural looking smile, no more fake looking teeth!
Step 3

Order your impression kit

Once you place your order, your kit will be on its way, you don’t even have to worry about shipping, it’s on us!
Step 4

Make Impressions

In order to have perfect fit Snap in veneers, we need to have a perfect impression; you can follow our step by step tutorial video on how to take the perfect impression.
Step 5

Take Pictures

Now it’s time for you to take pictures of your teeth in order for our experts to determine and assess the fit and quality of your Bright Smile veneers, take two pictures, one of you smiling naturally, and one of you biting down, showing all your teeth. Email the pictures to info@brightsmileveneers.com and include your name and order number in the subject.
Step 6

Send Back Impression Kit

When your impression dries, place them back into the return package included in your kit, make sure to fill out the information card before you send it back to us, we’ll do the rest .
Step 7

Receive Veneers

Once we receive your package, our team of experts will work on creating the perfect fit Press on veneers with the help of our professional dentists, you will receive your bright smile veneers directly in your mailbox in about 14 to 21 business days.
Step 8

Smile Bright

Show off your new, perfect teeth and blow the world away with your Clip on Veneers. You can still do your normal routine, eating soft food, drinking and moving with them all day long. For extra satisfaction, you can take picture of your teeth with your bright smile veneers, for a before and after shot.
clip on veneers

Now, with Bright Smile Veneers, it’s super easy to get the pearly smile you’ve always dreamed of with our clip on veneers. No awkwardness, pain, drilling, or poking, it’s the most comfortable treatment you’ll ever receive. You don’t need to wait anymore to get your picture perfect smile, just order now and experience the best in the market.