Removable Veneers

with upper and lower veneers

In their earliest form, dental veneers were mass produced and came in various sizes and colors. The dentist would select the most appropriate veneers for any given situation and attempt to bond them to the teeth. Like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, the success rate was correspondingly poor. They didn’t fit very well, you could tell they were fake teeth, and they often fell off or broke.

Now, clip on veneers are the latest when it comes to veneers. They’re time and cost efficient, they’re the perfect answer for a shining smile, and they provide natural looking teeth that can easily replace a permanent smile solution that is at times, out of reach due to their expensive price.

With Bright Smile clip on veneers, we’ve made it easy and simple to get your personal customized teeth, from the comfort of your home, with us, anyone can get help and get their Hollywood perfect smile.

How they Work:

We’ve worked on making our process the fastest easiest way to get your veneers. Once you choose your perfect false teeth and place your order, you will get an impression tray and soft dental putty in the mail. Our putty is easily shaped to mold perfectly on your teeth. Our dental impression tray includes detailed instructions on how you use them, or you can see our online instructional video and see how we do it. Once you finish taking your impressions and take a couple of pictures, send them back to our lab and our talented designers and professionals will use them to create your perfect customized teeth veneers.

Removable veneers vs Permeant veneers:

Our happy clients always love telling us the benefits of having temporary veneers, they tell us they love getting a new smile in the mail, what makes us different than permanent veneers is that:

  • No dentist trips required.
  • No expensive surgery.
  • No Pain or discomfort.
  • No painful and scary needles.
  • Very long lasting wear.
  • It’s easy to take them off whenever you want.
  • It’s easy to take them with you no matter where you go.

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