Clip-On Veneers

Our process is very simple, so simple you don’t even need an office visit.

  1. Make your impressions:

We’ll send you an impression kit with all the tools you need, attached with a set of instructions, as well as an easy video instruction tutorial we have on our website to help you through the steps.

  1. Send them Back:

We cover your shipping! So just send them back with our preprinted shipping package.

  1. Get your clip on veneers.

Open your mailbox and find your ready to wear customized veneers.

  1. Put them in and wear them.

You can wear them all day long, right out of the box, they are customized perfectly to your teeth, they’ll be comfortable and natural looking, you can even wear them while eating with no worries of any residue being stuck in between unlike teeth covers and teeth clips.

  1. Wear them as long as you like.

Our clip on veneers are of high quality, ultra-thin and very comfortable, sitting snuggly on your teeth, so you can wear them as long as you like without feeling any discomfort or pain, you can easily take them off and put them on, without worrying that your teeth will look fake.

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