Should I come to your office to make the Bright Smile Veneers and Get My Fake Teeth?

fake teeth
Bright Smile veneers which is also called Snap on veneers or clip on veneers is the best way to get removable veneers in USA.

You don’t have to come to our office or our lab to get your fake teeth Clip on veneers, the whole procedure is done totally online using the latest 3D technology of 3D scanning, designing and 3D printing just to give you the best quality of Fake teeth snap on veneers.

Bright Smile Veneers online process makes purchasing your fake teeth clip on veneers never been easier, all what you have to do is to go to our online shop you will find few options  which are ;

A. Upper and lower veneers.
B. Upper Or lower veneers.
C. Extra impression kit.

A. Upper and lower Veneers:

fake teeth

Is always the first option you can choose in purchasing your fake teeth clip on veneers and Always it is the recommended option for Bright smile veneers.
Purchasing Upper and lower fake teeth gives you the natural look you always dreamed with, it can give customers best color and shade match for both top and bottom arches, also it gives the best comfort for your occlusion.

B. Upper Or Lower veneers:
clip on veneers
Is a good option if you are having veneers in an arch and you are purchasing our fake teeth Clip on veneers in the other arch or if you are having really huge shade difference between Top and bottom arches and you will make our fake teeth to match the shade of the color

Yet if you only want to want Upper or Lower veneer then there will be huge shade difference between upper and lower Teeth and fake teeth veneers.

C. Extra Impression kit:
bright smile veneers
You can always Purchase an extra impression kit, whenever the customer purchase Bright Smile Veneers fake teeth , Customer will get a free impression kit when he/she makes the order for the first time , if the customer is afraid that things may not go perfect for the impression taking process then there are 2 options either customer can order an extra impression kit or can request an online meeting so a video chat with one of our representatives to guide the customer to how to take impressions

Of course the customer can follow up Bright smile Veneers tutorial video for impression taking

Impression taking is the most tricky and important step in Fake teeth clip on veneers fabrication that’s why we pay much attention to make clean and perfect impressions we a clear margin showing the gums

1. Customers Send Bright Smile Veneers their impressions back to the office in Bryan, Texas.
2. Once we receive Customer’s impression kit we send it to the lab.
3. Scanning the impressions using our high tech 3D Scanner.
4. Designing of the customer’s models.
5. Printing customer’s models using advanced 3D printer.
6. Thermoforming of Snap on veneers sheets onto the 3D printed and modified models.
7. Finishing and polishing of the Snap on veneers.
8. Sending the Snap on veneers made by Bright Smile Veneers to customers.

At the end, we explained the whole steps of making Fake teeth Clip on veneers starting from making the order and receiving the kit till we end with sending Our Bright Smile veneers to the customers.

Smiling Bright is Bright Smile Veneers target for all of our customers all over the United states of America

If you have any questions, you can contact us easily by sending us an email at

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