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snap on veneers

Snap On veneers ,It is the dream everyone having to have pretty teeth , White straight and Bright , It happens that just may be someone is born with missing, crooked or discolored teeth, It may take thousands and thousands of dollars and a lot of effort ,time and pain to get the bright smile you wanted .

The dream is not impossible, it is totally not fantasy anymore, the fantasy of getting Bright smile without going through the hassle of going to a dentist and dental offices is real now with Bright Smile Veneers

Bright Smile Veneers which is also called snap on veneers or Clip on veneers is the best option to get a bright smile at your door steps, it can make your teeth look straight, Bright and white as quick as a snap, Snap on veneers can make your discolored teeth look white and you can still drink sodas, coffees and all kind of drinks and Snap on veneers’ color never changes. It can be cleaned easily using a soft brush along with tap water and you can retain Snap on veneers color like forever.

Snap on veneers’ life span is average 5 years and it can last longer especially if you took good care of it.

Snap on Veneers

How can you take good care of Snap on veneers?

Always keep your snap on veneers in its box whenever you are not using it , we get a lot of cases where our customers break Snap on veneers or lose them while they are not using it .

Always brush your Snap on veneers with tap water and soft brush

Never use hot or warm if you want to brush or disinfect your Snap on veneers.

Only soft food is allowed while using Snap on veneers.

It is better not to sleep with your Snap on veneers

Why Cannot I eat all kind of foods using Snap on veneers and also sleep wearing them?

Snap on veneers is made from a very thin and light weighted material and its thickness is 0.5 mm, Snap on veneers is made very thin so it will not annoy the customers teeth and make their teeth more bulky which most of times is disliked by customers and this thin thickness doesn’t withstand mastication forces as muscles of the jaws are the strongest muscle in the human body

How to get Bright Smile Snap on veneers?

You can make an order at our website:

Then you will get our Snap on veneers impression kit at your door steps and all what you have to do is take Snap on veneers impressions for yourself by following up our tutorial video

Taking good impressions for your snap on veneers is the most important / Critical / sensitive step in making Snap on veneers as making perfect impressions mean making perfect fit Bright Smile Snap on veneers

After you take impressions for your teeth send us pictures of your impressions so it can be accepted by our side to make sure that your impressions are good enough for making the best fit Snap on veneers.

Once your Snap on veneers impressions are done and accepted you can send them to our address at

1716 Briarcrest drive, Suite 300
Bryan, Texas 77802
Bright Smile Veneers LLC

Within 14-21 Business days from the date we receive the impressions, you will receive your Snap on veneers so you can enjoying Smiling Bright and getting back years where your teeth were pretty and bright.

If you have any more questions dont hesitate  concerning Bright Smile Snap on veneers don’t hesitate to contact us using email:

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