Clip on veneers are not a one-size-fits all solution, and the shape and shade that looks best on one person, may not look right on another. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of how you want your veneers to look before you order your clip on veneers.

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                         CLIP ON VENEERS

People who are thinking about getting clip on veneers may worry about choosing the right color for their new teeth. After all, no one who elects to undergo a smile makeover wants their upgraded teeth to look fake.

With that in mind, there are two options when choosing the color of their clip on veneers:

  1. Super White. When you think of veneers, the first thing that may come to mind is Hollywood actors with perfectly straight, white teeth. If you tend to be a more glamorous, expressive person who loves the limelight, Hollywood white may suit you. However, this cannot be achieved without placing veneers on the top and bottom teeth.
  2. Normal White. In my opinion, natural white is appropriate for 9 out of 10 people. This approach gives a natural-looking smile.

Here are some tips when choosing the right shade for your clip on  veneers:

  • Your veneers can be too white. You are looking for whiter teeth, obviously, but clip on veneers that are too white will look unnatural. Unless occasionally one wants to show up a Hollywood bright smile.
  • Multiple facial characteristics count. It is not just your teeth that matter when it comes to getting clip on veneers – your skin tone, the shape of your smile, the shape of your face, and even the whites of your eyes will all influence the final color of your veneers, no matter what shade you choose. The contrast should be flattering, not obvious.
  • Know who you are. Your age and gender play a role in the best shade of veneers. Should your teeth be whiter the younger you are? It’s up to you.
  • Really understand translucency. The translucent element of your veneers is what has your normal teeth underneath the veneers playing a major role. If your teeth are yellow, you may need a normal white shade. If your enamel is dark, super white veneers may be the best choice.

You also must consider the shade of clip on veneer that is best for your smile goals and budget. Ultimately, the way your clip on veneers are customized is up to you, therefore, take your time when making your decisions about color.

For those getting clip on veneers only on their top teeth, the color selection must also take into consideration the harmony with the bottom teeth.

Our goal is not to have people comment on your veneers. Rather, that you have a beautiful smile without knowing you have clip-on veneers. For this to happen, your smile must match your personality and have harmony with your face.

Not only can a whiter smile help your teeth look healthier, but also friendlier. A perfect shade of white teeth can help you make a great first impression. As a result, your increased confidence can lead to more success in your life.


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