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• Changes to Terms & Conditions and Service Prices

                                                          TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR OUR SITE


Any of the Content, in this Site. All materials, including images, product, designs, graphics, logos, icons and software (collectively, “Content”) appearing on this Site are owned by brightsmileveneers.com. Bright smile veneers Licensing are protected by trademark and copyright laws. The Content of this Site, you may not download Content, or otherwise any copyright notices on the Site. No interest in any materials is transferred to you. You can’t sell, participate, modify, delete and create works.


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Please call us at +13022080165 or mail us at Info@brightsmileveneers.com if you need assistance with our product.

Changes to Terms & Conditions and Service Prices

BSV has the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, add or delete any of the rules, terms, conditions, or benefits, in whole or in part, at any time, without notice at any time, even though such changes may reduce (or increase) the value of the offers or an individual’s benefits. Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. All questions and interpretations concerning the site Terms and Conditions shall be sent to our e-mail info@brightsmileveneers.com


-You understand that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and change to adapt to technical devices. Customer personal information will be held in accordance with BSV’s Privacy Policy, which is available on our website. 

Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks

-By enrolling in the Site, you agree that receiving communications via email is a condition of continued participation. Further, you agree that BSV may send you mail and email communications regarding the Purchase as email is the primary method to inform you with your packages update and whole process. If you choose to discontinue email communications you may do so by contacting Customer Service. You can discontinue marketing e-mails by unsubscribing via the “unsubscribe here” link on all emails. However, you agree that discontinuation of email communication may result in the loss of future offers. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.  


The product, logo, design, advertisement and images displayed on this Site, rights reserved by Bright Smile Veneers LLC. All service marks on this Site, including without limitation, the logo, the design, Bright Smile Veneers signature, Bright Smile Veneers® and Brightsmileveneers.com®, are proprietary to Bright Smile Veneers LLC. No use of these may be made without written authorization of Bright Smile Veneers LLC. 


-You agree to update your information, including your email address, shipping address, and correct billing information, so that we can complete your veneers process and contact you as needed.-Products offered for sale and services available on the Site are for personal use only, not for re-sale. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of products purchased, and to refuse any order you place with us that we believe, would violate any of our laws or policies.


-We are not responsible to the completeness or accuracy of material information. This Site may contain typographical errors, incomplete or out of date information, including but not limited to price information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk. Historical information, necessarily is provided for your reference only. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor changes to our site.-Bright Smile Veneers reserves the right to make changes to the information in this Site, or to the services described therein, or update such information at any time without notice (including after you have submitted your order)


The Information, Service, Product And MaterialContained In This Site, Including Without Limitation, Text, Graphics, Video, Audio, And Hyperlinks, Are Provided, “As Is” And Without Warranties Of Any Kind, You Acknowledge, By Your Use Of This Site, That Your Use Of This Site Is At Your responsibility, That You Assume Full Responsibility For All Associated With Any Necessary Servicing You Use In Connection With Your Use Of This Site. Our partners, directors, agents, service providers, suppliers and employees And That In No Event Shall Bright Smile Veneers Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Special, Incidental, Exemplary Or Consequential Damages or any loss without limitation Or Any Damages Whatsoever, Even If It Has Been Previously Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damages, Whether In An Action Under Contract, Or Otherwise, Arising Out Of Or In Connection With The Use, Inability To Use, Or Performance Of The Information, Services, Products, And Materials Available From This Site. Our liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


All comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions disclosed, submitted or offered to Bright smile veneers E-MAIL or otherwise disclosed, submitted or offered in connection with your use of this Site shall be and remain Bright smile veneers property. You send, suggestions, ideas, plans, proposals or other materials, whether by email, or otherwise comments, you agree that, at any time, without restriction, we may edit, copy, and publish. We are under no obligation to pay compensation.You agree that your comments will not violate any right of any third-party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, personality or other personal or proprietary rightWe may, but have no obligation to, monitor, edit or remove content that we determine in our sole discretion are unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party’s intellectual property or these Terms of Service.


You agree to indemnify Bright Smile Veneers and our partners, directors, agents, service providers, suppliers and employees, harmless demand, made by any third party due to your breach of these Terms of Service or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time, the right to limit the sales of our product to any person, the right to limit the quantities of any product. We do not warrant that the quality of any service, information, or other material purchased by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors will be corrected according to your opinion.


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Our office is created and controlled in the State of TX, U.S. If there is a dispute about our policies and procedures. For issues or questions related to the Site or these Terms and Conditions, please email us at info@brightsmileveneers.com

                                                                  TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR OUR PRODUCT


-SUITABLE CASES:• Discolored teeth (you can choose your veneers color normal white or super white)• Missing teeth (You should have at least 2 teeth in each side)• Spacing and diastema (we will close any spaces)• Crooked teeth (we will enhance the appearance of crooked teeth only)• Crowns, bridges, or veneers (you must take extra care when using the Self-Impression Kit)• Partial denture (you can choose to wear veneers with or without wearing partial denture appliance, if you choose without appliance, you will take the impressions without appliance also)• Having permanent retainer over your teeth

*If you have, Teeth tartar (heavy Crusty deposit) which strongly hide your teeth. We advise you to remove it.

*If you have any chemical sensitivity or allergies, Please inform us.

The Veneers are aesthetics accessory only and are not suitable for everyone.

-NOT SUITABLE CASES:• No teeth in your mouth or complete denture appliance• Loose teeth. • Oral health problems like sever inflammation in your gums.• Recent oral surgeries. • Allergy to silicone impressions.• Undergoing Braces/ orthodontics treatment ( There is metal braces over teeth ) 


Our Payment Plan. You agree to the payment plan as chosen on the website, www.brightsmileveneers.com. You will not receive finished Bright Smile Veneers appliance before you make the second payment or until they set up a valid payment plan by phone by calling Bright Smile Veneers at+13022080165, where they are expected to give Bright Smile Veneers a valid credit card number.

If any payments fails (30) days after the failure of a monthly payment, you will not receive your finished veneers and There is no Refund as we started your custom made veneers Process and finished it. 

-We currently accept credit or debit card. It will be charged when your order placed.  

-We are using encrypted secure payment mechanism to ensure your information security.

-Third party has un-authorized access, if you suffer any loss because of them, we are not legally responsible.

-If you receive your veneers and have any payment due to us, we have the right to pass your details and seek legal action against you. If we don’t make any action against you immediately that doesn’t mean your credit rating won’t be affected later.

-for refunds/returns, please read carefully our refund policy.

-The price on our website on shop page. 

-Veneers Price is in USD, includes shipping costs (from our office to your door) in US only. 

-Express shipping will be in extra fees, contact us to apply it. 

-If we discover any errors in the price, less than our price and it is obvious and reasonably wrong price. We will ask you to pay the correct price or we will refund you. 

-Any issues related to price, please contact us.


1- How to use? Always start using your Bright Smile veneers with a gentle force on your front teeth then on your Back teeth. During removal, remove from your back teeth first then your front teeth.

2-Eating: You can eat with your bright smile veneers, soft food like cake and ice cream. It’s better to eat only soft food to make your bright smile veneers lasts longer.

3- Drinking: You can drink all cold and warm Drinks.

4-cleaning: Washing your Bright smile veneers should take place using a soft Brush and Liquid hand soup under application of room temp water. Use soft tissue to dry your veneers before wearing it. Avoid using boiled water as it may cause damage to your veneers. Avoid soaking your veneers in mouth wash. Always keep your veneers in its box.

5-after removal: It’s better to remove your veneers before sleeping.

6-It’s better not to use tooth paste during cleaning or brushing of your veneers.

7-take off your veneers before going to sleep after having a wonderful day with your bright smile veneers.

If you forget brushing and rinsing your mouth. You may experience irritation, soreness or gum sensitivity in your mouth. You should cease using our product and consult medical care.


There are some normal complains that customers will notice once using bright smile veneers:

1.Clip on veneers are tight over your teeth and sometimes little pain
2.Like you are not talking freely or normally , something like a lisp
3.Rubbing against your gums , discomfort with tongue and lips
4.Saliva going between veneers and teeth.
5. Feeling you are having a bigger teeth but with only 0.4mm big

All these complains are very normal and it doesn’t mean that there is a defect in your Clip on veneers if you are complaining any of these complains , also you cannot ask for a refund if you are complaining any of these complains .

All these complains will totally fade away within 1-5 weeks till your body gets used to Clip on veneers and there is nothing we can do to make your body get used faster .


-The impression step is the most important step in the process of the veneers manufacturing, without having a good impressions we can’t deliver a perfect fitting veneer.

Bright Smile Veneers will not accept any refund request due to the failure in making a good impression.

We offers a detailed video of the whole impression step, FAQs with instructions on our website, manual Guide in the impression kit and calls by customer service clients to guide our customers step by step how to do a good impression.

We believe that a good impression it is your own responsibility and with use of our Self-Impression Kit, You are responsible for ensuring that these impressions are correct by following the instructions and supply us with a good impression that we will be able to use in the manufacturing of your Bright Smile veneers. Some of our customers have to repeat their impressions once or twice. 

Your information about chosen color and veneers plans, we recommend that you check that all your data is correct before submitting it to us.

We will not responsible for Veneers that don’t fit or are unsuitable due to incorrect information supplied by you.

-You must provide us with your smile dental profile images when you place the order. If you want to know it is suitable for you or not, before placing the order, You can send us your smile dental profile images by E-mail ( info@brightsmileveneers.com ).

We will also request impressions images to inspect and approve it before sending them back. We will also inspect them again after delivery and if we need another impressions to complete your Custom-made fitting veneers, we will send you another impression kit, we will charge you for the cost of any such replacement kit, the cost of postage and packaging, which is 30 dollars.

You can order another veneers if you had no change in your teeth condition. We will keep your 3D model of your impressions for a year from your order date.


You have 14-day manufacturer’s warranty

To ensure that your veneers are Free from defects and premium quality. You can claim under them with visual evidence.

Please remember that our veneers for aesthetics purpose only.


We have two colors normal white, super white, the colors of our Veneers are displayed accurately on our website, please note that images displaying colors online are relative to reality (affecting by image quality and lights).

Your veneers will fit only you, it is custom- made appliance for each person, Taking impressions step is your responsibility. We are not responsible for imperfect veneers due to imperfect impressions.


Please contact us as soon as possible, if you want to make a change before manufacturing process of your veneers started.

We will let you know if your changes are applicable or having price changes. 

Change in color has no extra fee before starting veneers process only.

Changes in plans may have price changes

We will let you know all changes when we get your contact.


The shipping address provided by our customer is his responsibility.

Your estimated delivery of self-impression kit from 3-5 days, your veneers will be delivered after 21 business days from the date we receive your impressions back  . If you want to request express order, contact us via email. 

Once you take the impressions, Post this back to us yourself and please provide us with package details and tracking number to ensure that your self-impression kit get delivered to us safely.

We are not responsible for out of control reasons in shipping process such as weather. We will report, follow your packages and try to minimize the delay.

-We will contact you if you didn’t provide full address or you didn’t pick up your package for any reason, as your package may charge for storage costs or any other costs from shipping company.

Please read carefully our Shipping Policy.


If you think you got wrong veneers which isn’t applicable because we check your order multiple times before delivery. We will ask you photos or video evidence and if you are right, we will solve this issue and remake them free of charge. Please accept that our product is custom-made so it may face human errors which will be solved in best service.


Our Valued customer should be aware that we don’t make veneers to fit his teeth, we make veneers to fit the impressions the customer sent us, which in most of cases the impressions are the exact replica of customer’s teeth, Yet if there is a huge error in veneers it is mostly due to a fault with customer’s impressions taken by him.

No returns or refunds of finished set “Bright Smile Veneers” as every set of veneers are custom-made appliance for each customer. We offers to remake their veneers up to three times at no cost to the customer but you can cancelling your order before veneers manufacturing.

*Please remember, you must request your refund within 10 business days of receiving the Self-Impression Kit*

1-If Customer makes an order then he wants to cancel it: “No impression kit sent “: we can make full refund minus 15 dollars administration fees.

2-If customer makes an order then he wants to cancel it: “Impression kit sent “

A. If the customer opened the kit, then he will get full refund minus US $ 60 which includes (shipping fees, administration fees and impression kit price), you must send the impression kit back within 10 business days from informing us your cancelling request.

B. If customer didn’t open the kit, then he will get full refund minus US $ 30 which includes (shipping fees and administration fees), Refund is done only when the customer ships us back the unused impression kit and we make sure that it is sealed and not used.

-Shipping is free only when the order is completed, yet if the customer cancels the order, he has the right to cancel the order minus its cost 

-Impression kit costs so if you open it, you have the right to cancel the order minus its cost.

Please read carefully our refund PolicyWhat is your refund policy? – Best Clip On Veneers (brightsmileveneers.com)


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@brightsmileveneers.com



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