Snap on veneers Can I choose to purchase only Top or bottom Snap on veneers?

snap on veneers

Can I choose to purchase only Top or bottom Snap on veneers?

You Can Get Perfect Smile Either Bottom Or Top Or Both By Our Perfect Snap On Veneers

If you are looking for the short answer, then it is “Yes” you can surely Purchase only top or bottom Snap on veneers

Bright smile veneers which is called Snap on veneers or clip on veneers is removable veneers that you can take off and put on with no need to visit dental office, you can conceal any dental imperfections with no need for several steps or a lot of visits, With Bright Smile Veneers every step is done only at your home in your free time.

Bright Smile veneers can be worn the whole day long with a very convenient daily routine use ,it can be used in eating and drinking

Eating Soft food is allowed while you are putting your Snap on veneers , Hard food is not allowed and that is because the thickness of Snap on veneers does not exceed 0.5 mm , so it will not withstand any powerful mastication forces , Any kind of food not as soft as cake, ice-creams or fish may result in breaking of your Snap on veneers

snap on veneers
Drinking all kind of drinks using your Snap on veneers is totally allowed , there is totally no contraindications using your Bright Smile Veneers

We would like to take you with all the steps starting from making an order from our website till you end up with a perfect fit snap on veneers from Bright Smile Veneers.

Once you make an order for Snap on veneers your order will be in “Processing” stage till you receive your Snap on veneers only then we will change your order status from “ Processing “ to “ Completed “

Bright Smile Veneers will send you your impression kit within 24 hours from making an order
Snap on veneers do has a lot of steps in fabrication

1.Bright Smile Veneers Send you Impression kit.
2. Customers take impressions for themselves.
3. Customers Send Bright Smile Veneers their impressions back to the office in Bryan, Texas.
4. Once we receive Customer’s impression kit we send it to the lab.
5.Scanning the impressions using our high tech 3D Scanner.
6. Designing of the customer’s models.
7. Printing customer’s models using advanced 3D printer.
8. Thermoforming of Snap on veneers sheets onto the 3D printed and modified models.
9. Finishing and polishing of the Snap on veneers.
10. Sending the Snap on veneers made by Bright Smile Veneers to customers.

This process takes almost a month or a month and half, so everyday counts, that’s why we send the impression kit as fast as we can.

Taking impressions for Snap on veneers for yourself at home is very easy and it can be guided by following our tutorial YouTube video How to take impressions;

or you can ask for our Customer Support agent to arrange an online video meeting where our agent will be following with you step by step till you end with a perfect impressions so we can make you perfect fit Snap on veneers.

So let’s get back to the main question, Can we make only top or bottom Snap on veneers?

Yes, yet we always do not recommend due to color match between top and bottom
It will be clear to anyone that there is color difference between Top or bottom Snap on veneers and the normal teeth

To achieve to the Shade acceptance and to reach the most natural look we do recommend to purchase both top and bottom Snap on veneers

It is very important for Bright Smile Veneers is to end with Happy customers with Bright Smiles

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via mail at

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