Veneers vs dental bridges vs tooth cap

Veneers are These thin, semi-translucent shells, are made from porcelain material and are a quick way to achieve a stunning smile. Veneers can quickly correct the look of chipped teeth, spaces between teeth, and vastly improve any discoloration of teeth. They are the fastest cheapest option and can easily be ordered online without much fault.

Tooth caps or crowns are often used on teeth that need to be rebuilt because of breaks or decay, they are suitable for teeth that have had a root canal or had filling removed, a cap is a great way to make the tooth stronger. But they are generally more expensive, take a long time and can be uncomfortable.

Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Gaps created from missing teeth can quickly cause remaining teeth to shift, lead to bite problems, and encourage disease. Bridges are false teeth attached to adjoining teeth, which act as an anchor, and are ideal for patients who have only one or two teeth missing and don’t want a denture. But they aren’t provided online and are also quite expensive and can not cover a lot of teeth, and by time, they cause the attached adjoining teeth to break down as well.

As far as online dentures go, veneers are – most of the time – the go to method.

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