What are Snap on veneers?

snap on veneers

Snap on veneers

what are Snap on veneers?

To answer this question, we will explain first what dental veneers are?! Dental veneers are used to change teeth color and shape, any changes done to normal teeth are permanent, yet they require grinding to normal teeth so it can stick to your normal teeth, visiting dental office is a must and this require huge time, effort and money to get those veneers

snap on veneers are the amazing breakthrough changing cosmetics world in dentistry forever, Now you can get bright snap on veneers at your door steps, with no need for effort nor pain and a lot of money

Bright Smile Veneers which are also called Snap on veneers , removable veneers or Clip on veneers are removable veneers that you can put on and take off whenever you like , you can use it all day long and change your smile and self-esteem for good

snap on veneers
                           Snap On Veneers

How can I get Snap on veneers ?

You can order snap on veneers using our shop www.brightsmileveneers.com/shop where you will receive impression kit so you can take impression for yourself ,Your kit will contain six containers of putty and two impression trays , All what you have to do is to mix each 2 containers of the catalyst and base to have a mixture where you have to use it to record your teeth size and shape , you should wait for 3 minutes so you make a perfect impression

What is extremely important is a Perfect impression which means perfect fit snap on veneers and always remember , Bright Smile Veneers lab manufactures Snap on veneers to fit your impressions not your Teeth

Usually , Your impressions are exact replica for your teeth , but it only happens when you take very good impressions for yourself

You will get your Snap on veneers back to you within 14 to 21 business days

How to use Snap on veneers?

Snap on veneers are easy to use and they totally need no help during taking off or putting on , You can use it easily by sliding your veneers starting from your front teeth then push on the back side of your veneers to find it snap fit on your teeth and you can take it off by removing it from your back teeth first then from your front teeth

Can I eat with Snap on veneers ?

The Clear answer for this question is YES, you can surely eat with your Snap on veneers but only SOFT food such as cake and ice cream, You can drink all kind of drinks using Snap on veneers

Will I feel strange while using Snap on veneers ?

Using Snap on veneers is like using something new, you need time to take used to it, Snap on veneers need some training so you can master talking with them, you can practice using Snap on veneers while talking with a friend on the phone or reading a book or even singing

Yet with time and practice you will be mastering talking with Snap on veneers, can happen anywhere between 1 up to 5 weeks

How long does Snap on veneers Last?

Snap on veneers can really last for a decade, but if you only took good care of it and followed our usage instructions in our use and care video instructions From Our Video Gallery 

In the end, You will have a pretty bright smile which you can shine with a very reasonable price and very high quality that you can eat and drink with it with no effort from your side

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