What is the order process?

It’s easy and fast to get your brightsmile. Once you’ve hit the ‘Get Started’ button, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to make sure that you are suitable. This will only take a few minutes. If you’re suitable you’ll then be able to select your shade, choose how quickly you would like to receive your brightsmile and proceed to the checkout.

As soon as we’ve got your order, we’ll send you your self-impression kit. Use the enclosed step-by-step guide and our impression video to make a mould of your teeth for our technicians to use.

Once you’ve taken your impressions, send a photo to impressions@instasmile.com so we can approve them. Once we have approved your impression via email, pop them in the medical bag provided. Place the medical bag in to the free returns bag, & return to us. You’re now just weeks away from your new smile.

One of our skilled technicians will check your impressions, and when they have passed our quality assessment we can start making your brightsmile. We will send you your new smile within 30 days.


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